Are you facing problems in doing online transactions because of the routing number? If yes, then there is no need to worry now. In this article, we will provide you every single detail of Wells Fargo Routing Number and its nearby locations so that you can run the online transactions smoothly.

Moreover, You can have a easy access to the Customer Support Service and Credit Card Customer Service through this site to resolve your queries relating to the above topics. Different means to contact them and all the relevant details regarding them are disclosed below.

Not only this you will also get the nearby branches address and ATM address for the smooth banking. If you are also not aware of the timings of your bank then read the whole article, everything here is given for your information. Read the article and get all the relevant details and some mind-blowing facts too.

Wells Fargo & Company being an American multinational financial services company it has its central offices throughout the country, headquartered in San Francisco, California. By the value of total assets, it is the third largest bank in the U.S. and the second-largest bank in the world by market capitalization. Being the second most popular bank it has established a huge chain of customers. This site is all set up to satisfy the needs of such customers. 

Wells Fargo Bank Routing Number

Below we have shared the list for your Bank’s Routing Numbers, this will help you with various things. Further, Branch’s code is also provided to you in the below list. A special feature we have given to our viewers, we have provided you a button in front of the desired code that you need for doing further banking.

Wells Fargo Bank Routing Number

Are you unable to find the routing number of Wells Fargo bank? This is the most frequent question arise in user’s mind and there must be many more similar questions running through your mind. Well, this type of confusion is common among people as there are different routing numbers for different branches.

Let us tell you that Bank routing number is required to signing up for direct deposit or getting new checks to share it with friends and relatives. A bank routing number is a nine-digit code which is allotted depend upon the location of its principal office. It is also allowed for banks to get additional routing numbers if require in order keeping the payment and collected routed.

Small banks and financial institutions usually have one routing number for all the transactions. Unlike, larger banks keep different routing numbers for each state in which they are operated. It is really necessary for one to use the correct routing number for each transaction due to multiple routing numbers operating in different branches.

The routing number is an essential thing offered by the Wells Fargo bank is displayed at the lower left corner of the check and differs from the account number.

The routing numbers are also known as the ABA number or the transit number that is used by the customers so that they can make the transaction for transferring the funds and uploads the account. We have enlisted the lists of all routing numbers of Wells Fargo bank for different state operators.

Let us take an example

The routing number for Southern California residents is 121042882. So, the users residing in southern California can use this routing number and do their transaction with the simple procedure. Similarly, in the case of every state of United States. You will find the respective number of the required region written corresponding to its state provided in the table below.

The procedure is also same and applicable to all other branches of Wells Fargo bank but the only difference is of routing number. So check your branch and routing number associated with it from the list given and run your transaction.

Do you know? The Wells Fargo bank has prepared a fine list of routing numbers for each state where its branch is located and rests depends on the branch in which you have opened your account. With this list, you can very easily get the desired routing number for your branch and conduct online transactions.

In this list routing number for different branches located in various states are given. So, you will not face any kind of issue in getting the routing number for your branch. You can also COPY the code from the button provided aside it and can easily paste it to the required place.

Either you can explore through the table yourself or can choose the required state from the below. Just click on the selected state by which you will be straightforwardly directed to your regional routing number.

AF   AL    AK    AS   AR    AZ     CA   CO   CT   DE   DC   FL   GA   HI   ID  IL   IN  IA   KS   KY   LA   ME  MD  MA  MI   MN   MS   MO   MT   NE   NV   NH   NJ   NM   NY   NC   ND  NM  OH   OK   OR  PA  PR   RI   SC   SD  TN    TX    TE  UT    VI    VT   VA   WA   WV   WI   WY 

Below, the table is provided through which you can simply copy the required number or can also select it from the chart of states provided above.

Wells Fargo Bank Routing Number

Routing Transit Number Region Click to Copy
Alabama (AL)


Alaska (AK)


Arizona (AZ)


Arkansas (AR)


California (CA)


Colorado (CO)


Connecticut (CT)


Delaware (DE)


District of Columbia (DC)


Florida (FL)


Georgia (GA)


Hawaii (HI)


Idaho (ID)


Illinois (IL)


Indiana (IN)


Iowa (LW)


Kansas (KS)


Kentucky (KY)


Louisiana (LA)


Maine (ME)


Maryland (MD)


Massachusetts (MA)


Michigan (MI)


Minnesota (MN)


Mississippi (MS)


Missouri (MO)


Montana (MT)


Nebraska (NE)


Nevada (NV)


New Hampshire (NH)


New Jersey (NH)


New Mexico (NM)


New York (NY)


North Carolina (NC)


North Dakota (ND)


Ohio (OH)


Oklahoma (OK)


Oregon (OR)


Pennsylvania (PA)


Rhode Island (RI)


South Carolina (SC)


South Dakota (SD)


Tennessee (TN)


Texas (TX)


Texas-El Paso (TE)


Utah (UT)


Vermont (VT)


Virginia (VA)


Washington (WA)


West Virginia (WV)


Wisconsin (WI)


Wyoming (WY)


American Samoa (AS)


North Mariana Islands (NM)


Puerto Rico (PR)


Virgin Islands (VI)


American Forces Abroad (AF)


You can also call the Customer support service at 000 800 0016 090 to know your routing number and if you are looking to do the wire transfer etc. This method is useful in case internet service is somehow interrupted and you are unable to find it over web.

Routing Numbers through Check:

There is another method also to get the routing number for your branch i.e., Routing number on the check. The routing number of the bank can be seen on the bottom left corner of the check issued by the bank. The account number on the check is particular to your personal account. You can locate the routing number on the check right before your bank account number as shown in the image below.


The routing number on the check is of nine digits so whenever you copy the number, make sure it of 9 digits. So in case you don’t have internet access at a point and unable to find routing number for your branch then you can look for it on the bank checkbook. Also, make sure that the number you are using form the check will be of the same branch where you want to run the transaction.

Note:  You should keep in mind that the routing number given on the check can be different from the one you had used for a wire transfer (wire transfer routing number is used to transfer the funds and amount remotely to your account).

It is always recommended to make sure about the correct routing number you are using before initiating a transaction. In case even a single digit is replaced with some other one, then all your money can be lost somewhere.

Wells Fargo Bank Locations Near Me

Now that you have understood the routing number of the bank, so here we have provided you with the Google map to easily locate the location of the nearest branch situated in your area.  People can type there area in the Google map and can easily get the Wells Fargo branches, ATMs, location near me.

Also, if you are looking to find the Wells Fargo locations nearby which is open on Saturday 24X7, then also you can use the Google map provided above for this purpose. You are only required to search for your Wells Fargo bank near me and you will choose from the list of the nearby bank. Then click on it and the map will give you directions to your destined location. In this way, you will be able to get to your bank without any hurdle. You can also see the larger version of the map by clicking the button provided on the top left area of the map.

Benefits Offered by Wells Fargo Bank Near Me-

There are various benefits offered by Wells Fargo Bank for its customers and employees which make it a reliable and well-established bank since times.

  • It provided the trust to its customers and management services ensuring the safety of their payments and money in the big companies.
  • They provide the standard banking package including debit cards, credit cards, lending money and much more.
  • They have a great fruitful business arm and a good devotion to employees benefits for huge businesses.

Wells Fargo Mobile App:

Wells Fargo also offered a significant mobile app which is compatible with all android devices and iOS versions. It provides the convenience to the customer to find the location of the well Fargo bank near me and other astounding facilities for the benefit of the customer.

The application provides various types of functions such as transfer funds, bill payments, access account balance information, and receive or send money through emails and mobile number using the app. It is also time-saving as it provides the customer support number which is usually a big obstacle faced by the customers. The application offers the GPS function which is very easy to locate the location of the Wells Fargo bank branch or ATM near me. So for utmost convenience use this app and safely manage your account functions.

Advantages of Wells Fargo Mobile App-

  • Individuals can easily do online transactions with application username and password.
  • Customers can access their balance information and pending deposits.
  • It is also a useful way to set your language to Spanish and run the app smoothly.
  • Make convenient find transfers and payments between your accounts at Wells Fargo and other financial institutions.
  • Make quick bill payments by accessing ‘bill pay feature’.
  • It provides the security to client’s account information.
  • The online system also provides the safety from any illegal account access.
  • Get a brief view of your account information at one click.

You can also look up for a Wells Fargo bank ATM near me in order to engrave yourself from standing in bank line for hours.

Only, if you need some cash amount then you can quickly search for the Wells Fargo bank ATM near me and go there to collect the cash.

The bank is having 1300 ATMs nearby and customers can use them for short purposes and requirements.

Wells Fargo Customer Support Service

Hereby, you will find the full-fledged information regarding the Wells Fargo Customer Support Service and ample of details to contact them.  There will be no need left afterward to search anywhere else.

Customer service is now not only a service but has become a crucial element in the contemporary world. With the increasing number of customers, it covers a huge sector of the market either in case of non-financial institutions or in case of financial institutions. Banking companies are considered in the sector of financial institutions including Wells Fargo Bank.

According to the statistics, there is an increment of 23.8 million banking users in the United States from 2014-2018. This proves to be a huge growth in the banking sector in past years. To cope up this extension the provision for customer service has been developed over some years. Therefore, Wells Fargo had built up a huge network of Customer Support Service to resolve their user’s queries.

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, so new inventions take places on a daily basis which meant to be new to us.  To make us familiar with those, department of customer service is created by Wells Fargo Bank,i.e, to support our every query regarding the banking services provided.  Scrolling to the below article, the contact number can be found through which you can directly approach to your banking support service.  If you have left with any doubt in mind concerning to connect them, then it can be easily enquired in the comments section provided at the end of this article.

Some reader might have a doubt in their mind that “Which kind of queries can be resolved by this service provided”?? “In which case, it is recommended to contact them”??

Then the simple answer to your question is, you can pose any question regarding both Commercial banking and personal banking including loans and credit, Investing and retirement, Wealth management, various rewards, and benefits etc. So, if you have any query relating to this issue then you can interrogate them with the customer service.

Moreover, some common questions that are arises by the users against the banking hours and their services and answered below. So, that you need not waste your time gossiping to the customer service.

Wells Fargo Customer Service Number

This is the provided contact number for the US resident to have a talk with the customer support service. You can quickly copy this number by pressing the button aside and further on can have a direct contact with the required banking service.

 For US Resident      000 800 0016 090

One of the easiest ways to resolve your banking related issues is presented to you that you will find nowhere else. This will not only makes your banking experience easier but also makes you quite familiar with the digital advancement.

Wells Fargo Credit Card Service

Being a bank user, you might be known to the Credit card service by Wells Fargo and might be utilizing it too. We are going to make this service easy for its every user and non-user. Here you get to know how??

Customers who utilize the credit card service may face some issues on a regular basis and non-users might be unaware that how much this service can prove useful to them. So, both the aspects are clarified here.

The credit card is one of the best sources to raise credit by the means of a card. It’s quite similar to a physical loan acquired by mortgaging some assets. The only difference between the both that the loan raise through credit card is of short-term in nature and the limit is provided on the basis of credibility of the customer. So, the one who is not having a credit card yet can have one through the bank by fulfilling some formalities and can know about the various offers about them from contacting the number provided below.

For the one, who are experiencing several issues and are unknown from the way to resolve them can contact the number provided in the chart below. Through this, you can easily have the access to the Wells Fargo Credit Card Customer Service. It is the part of the Customer support service but further bifurcated to save the time of the credit card users.
Just look over the chart provided below and pick up the contact number in relation to your query.

Credit Card Support Number     1-800-642-4720

You can contact this number to ask credit related queries. Moreover, you can get the layout relating to the issue of a new card or various offers that you will get on your first issue. You just need to contact this number and all your credit-related queries will be resolved in some minutes.


Here, are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) by the Wells Fargo customer regarding the credit card services. You will definitely find a satisfying answer in case having a similar query. Just go through this question which you have a matching query than you need not roam anywhere else.

Password or PIN
If you have certain doubts in your mind relating to the Password or PIN of a credit card then you can have a check over here.

Question.  What should you do in case you forget your card PIN??

Answer. Just call on the contact number provided on the back of your card.

Question. Can you create your own PIN??

Answer. Yes, you can customize your PIN. For creating a new pin or customizing the old one, just call the number on the back of your card.

Above, are the questions relating to a requisite query. Below, are some randomly asked questions that might solve your query too.

Question. What should be expected after I applied for the card online?


  • You will receive an application ID and a contact number through which you can check over the status of your application after applying online.
  • You will be mailed a credit decision within 5 to 7 business days by the Bank.
  • In case, you are approved, a mail package is sent to you containing the information relating your credit card report and a copy of the Wells Fargo Privacy Policy.
  • In case of any failure, a written explanation will be sent to you that why the bank can’t grant you credit this time.

Question. How can I add an authorized user to my card?

Answer.  Sign on to the Credit Card Service Center and under the Account Management heading, click the Additional cardholders For Your Account link.

Wells Fargo Bank hours

People are often skeptical regarding the bank timings for any particular bank. Sometimes we just visit the bank at wrong timings and it is total wastage of time. So in order to save your time, get information about the bank timings of Wells Fargo bank. One should know about the opening and closing hours of a bank to avoid any inconvenience.

The opening timings of Wells Fargo bank on weekdays from Monday to Thursday are 9:00 A.M to 5.00 A.M.

Only on Friday, the bank works one hour more than the usual work days i.e., from 9:00 A.M to 6.00 A.M.

For Saturdays, the timings are 9:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M only. The opening hours for Wells Fargo bank are same but the closing hours differ from day to day and sometimes from branch to branch.

Wells Fargo Banking Services

Wells Fargo offers all type of services including personal, business or commercial services. With the wide options for checking and savings account options, the bank holds the student, auto, and home mortgage loans opportunities also. If you are a new customer of Wells Fargo bank then there is no need to worry about your new account as the bank charge a very nominal rate on savings accounts as compared to other banks.

Customers can apply for their Credit card, invest in mutual funds and other services provided by the bank. The company’s advisers are there to satisfy the needs of the customers. Moreover, the bank offers the customer relationship program in which different kinds of perks are given to the customers such as fee waivers, desire interest rates, and rewards bonuses.

Wells Fargo bank locator

The Wells Fargo has made it convenient for their users to get the location of their close by branches. This locator will help you in viewing bank locations and bank timings. It will enable you to reach your nearest branch easily. The steps to find the Wells Fargo bank near me are described below:

  • Go to the Wells Fargo bank locator tool.
  • Enter your ZIP code or city or state in the ‘find a Wells Fargo location’ search box and tap on the blue button.
  • Now you can choose from the list of branches situated near you and also view the bank hours from the list.

You can easily access the locator just by clicking on the image below. The quick review of the locator can be determined from the image. Just direct to the locator and follow the above steps.

You can select whether the branch can satisfy all your requirements and is convenient for you to visit. Here is the chart list of all the Wells Fargo bank locations near me.

There is also an alternative way to find the nearby locations of Wells Fargo bank. You can search it on Google or any other search engine to find the locations. Here the steps are:

  1. Open the Google or any other search engine on your PC or mobile.
  2. Type the ‘Wells Fargo bank near me’ and press enter.
  3. Now you’ll get all the nearest locations under the map.

The Wells Fargo bank rendered both the transactions services and the well Fargo bank ATM service. So to find the close by locations of the bank use the locator and find it.

Wells Fargo Bank Wiki-

Wells Fargo is a popular financial institution with more than 70 million customers and 8600 locations all over the country. It is a national bank that is serving the entire country and has 13,000 ATM locations. It is established in December 1869 and considered a 3rd biggest bank in terms of its valuable assets and largest bank in terms of market capitalization according to Forbes. The bank is running long-standing and prosperous bank until the time it is established. The headquarters of the bank is situated in the San Francisco, California and operated in 35 countries.

Considering the history of the company, the Wells Fargo was established by Henry Wells and William G. Fargo, founders of an American company to render banking services in California. The company mainly has three important functional elements: Community Banking, Wholesale Banking and Wealth and Investment Management. The community segment provides various kinds of financial products and services such as checking and savings accounts, credit and debit cards and small loans lending. The wholesale banking element provides the one-time solution for all the businesses across the United States and other areas of the world.

Lastly, the wealth and investment element offers wealth management, retirement services to users. They provide the business and corporate banking service with the medium of branches, ATMs, mobile phones, internet and other sources spread over 50 states of united states of America.

Final Words:

In today’s world, everyone is so prone to internet services that no one wants to go outside and have things they need. It is just possible with a good internet connection to doing everything online and same goes for doing banking online. It provides ease to the customers to get their funds transferred from one account to another, bill payments or any other service in just a few minutes. There are many people in this world who use internet banking in a day and out of them are 22 billion people who use wells Fargo bank online services.

The routing number can only lie in the branch you have registered your account with. You can obtain the routing number for Wells Fargo bank from the check or else you can contact the customer care for more information. Entering the correct routing number is an important task to do while doing any online transaction from your account as typing a wrong routing number can lead to loss of money.